I.D.P. # 2 coming soon in Austria

About I.D.P

The Inter-Dance-Project (I.D.P.) is intended to connect different cultures through dance and art. The first part of this project was realized in winter 2014/2015 in Calcutta (India). The idea of combining different types of dance, such as breakdancing as part of hip-hop "sub" culture with classical Indian dance, a millennia-old "primal" culture, proved to be very successful.

In the second part of the project (I.D.P. # 2), five of the Indian dancers will come to Austria to work together with Austrian artists. In March and April 2018 in Linz, we will work on a new dance piece on the topic of integration called "Extegrity".

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I.D.P. # 2

The questions that will concern us in I.D.P. # 2 are like: How can we integrate ourselves into a ready-made cultural framework without cutting off a piece of ourselves? Can we integrate this framework into ourselves and thereby expand it, or are there alternatives to integration? What happen ....



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Introduction of I.D.P


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  • 27.4. - 03.5. 2018

    On : Piece "Extegrity" | Place:Linz/Vienna
  • April 2018

    On : More Workshops | Place:Wed. and Thu. 5-6pm
  • 27.3.2018 - 25.5.2018

    On : Workshops of I.D.P. | Place:linz


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