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The Inter-Dance-Project (I.D.P.) is intended to connect different cultures through dance and art. The first part of this project was realized in winter 2014/2015 in Calcutta (India). The idea of combining different types of dance, such as breakdancing as part of hip-hop "sub" culture with classical Indian dance, a millennia-old "primal" culture, proved to be very successful.

In the second part of the project (I.D.P. # 2), five of the Indian dancers will come to Austria to work together with Austrian artists. In March and April 2018 in Linz, we will work on a new dance piece on the topic of integration called "Extegrity".

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I.D.P. # 2

The questions that will concern us in I.D.P. # 2 are like: How can we integrate ourselves into a ready-made cultural framework without cutting off a piece of ourselves? Can we integrate this framework into ourselves and thereby expand it, or are there alternatives to integration? What happens if, as social beings, we refuse to integrate into certain contexts, what kind of conflicts might be created within ourselves?

We will approach this topic on a dance and musical level, which among other things, will be very interesting as the people involved come from different cultural backgrounds.The Indian dancers come from the areas of classical Indian dance and urban dance (Bharatanatyam, Odissi, Waacking, Popping, and Bboying).
The Austrian artists are originally from Macau (China), Syria, Germany and Austria. The dancers work with dance styles such as Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Sufi Dance and Classical Chinese Dance. In addition, the musician Stefan Weissenberger will develop the sound for our production and the visual artist Andreas Buttinger-Caspar the stage design.






The dance piece "Extegrity"

The Dance Performance Extegrity is a multi-faceted exploration of integration, trust, responsibility and authenticity on a personal and societal level.The development of our performance happens in the context of contemporary art and arises through processual work on the topics mentioned above. The different dance styles and related cultures will serve as starting points for working together on a new, cross-disciplinary culture of expression through movement.The stage, divided into two halves, will represent two parts of our society as well as ourselves. On the one hand, those to be integrated (for example, minorities, subcultures), on the other, those who demand integration (the mass). Transferred to our inner self: the site that wants to "belong" and the side that cannot identify with the environment and struggles to stay autonomous.This performance is the mouthpiece for a group of very active young artists of different cultural origins and the realization of their potentials in cooperation and vision development.There will be several performances in Austria and Europe from the end of April to mid-May.






I.D.P. # 2 teaching workshops

During this period we will teach workshops in BharatanatyamOdissiBboyingWaackingPoppingContemporary danceChinese dance and Middle Eastern dances to interested people in Austria. The workshops will take place in RedSapata Tanzfabrik, Anton Bruckner Privat University and Ann and Pat Linz.






Supported by:

>Bundeskanzleramt Österreich (Federal Chancellery Austria)

>Red Sapata dance factory


In collaboration with:

>Bruckner Private University Linz